Referral Program

Invite friends and earn rewards

The TLX referral program is an incentive program that rewards both you and your friends. The program rewards a 100% rebate on redemption fees which are then distributed as follows:

  • 50%: Referred user

  • 50%: Referrer

Applying a referral code

The best way to find a referral code is by joining the TLX Discord. From there, users will be able to find referral links from other users once TLX launches.

Claiming rewards

Rebates are disbursed in sUSD and can be claimed in the TLX rewards section.

Becoming an affiliate

TLX referral codes are currently invite-only and can only be generated by approved affiliates. To apply for the affiliate program reach out to @maxbphi on Telegram.

For more information regarding rebates, please refer to the Fees section.


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