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TLX employs several governing bodies that oversee the maintenance and improvement of the TLX protocol. These governing bodies are referred to as councils. While each takes on a specific role, councils work together to fulfill governance responsibilities. This division of governance responsibilities via a council structure enables the TLX protocol to be decentralized and efficient.

Council Elections

Each council has a fixed number of members (referred to as seats). Council members are elected by stTLX holders who vote every 4 months when council elections occur. Council elections commence by first holding nominations. During this time any community member may nominate themselves for a council seat in one of the three councils by submitting a proposal for nomination in the #nominations channel on Discord. Once nominations open, community members have 9 days to submit their nomination proposal. After the 9-day nomination period is over, nomination proposals will no longer be accepted and voting will begin on the TLX Snapshot. Any individual who posts a nomination proposal (that is not marked spam) will be included in the vote. Council election voting lasts for 9 days and uses stTLX voting power. When voting concludes, the nominated individuals who receive the most stTLX voting power will be elected council members. Elected individuals hold their council seat for 4 months before a re-election occurs.

Council members will receive a monthly stipend of $TLX governance tokens (this will be determined after TGE).

Tabby Council (5 seats)

The Tabby Council is the central governing body of the TLX protocol. The Tabby Council votes on overall improvement proposals and parameter changes.

Ecosystem Council (2 Seats)

The Ecosystem Council represents the interests of the TLX community and ensures alignment is maintained with other projects in the Optimism ecosystem.

Intern Council (3 seats)

The Intern Council represents the TLX community's fine taste in memes and ensures that community communications maintain a TLX standard.

The governance framework, as outlined above, aims to be implemented before the TLX protocol is live. However, the TLX community is currently in a phase of assemblance and coordination which may result in amendments being made. To participate in the discussion join the TLX Discord.

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