TLX Improvement Proposals (TIPs) outline a change to be made to the TLX protocol. These proposals are openly shared with the TLX community and are submitted to the Tabby council for voting. Any community member may submit a TIP by posting in the tip-forum on Discord. The process a TIP proposal would follow to be implemented is outlined by:

  1. A community member would post a TIP on Discord.

  2. If there is community support (e.g., recurring discussion and positive engagement) or Core Contributor support the Tabby Council would vote on the TIP.

  3. If the TIP passes the Tabby Council vote it will be implemented by Core Contributors.

Proposal Requirements

TIPs should be well thought out and share a precise implementation plan. Proposals that are overly open-ended, out of the scope of the TLX protocol, or lack adequate reasoning are not eligible to be submitted to the Tabby Council.

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