Fee composition

TLX charges users a streaming and a redemption fee. Furthermore, users cover their portion of the rebalancing costs and the fees associated with the underlying perpetual futures contract on the Synthetix platform.

Streaming fee: 2.0%

The streaming fee is an annualized fee that is charged on the notional amount of a leveraged token position. It is charged directly to the position whenever a rebalancing event occurs.

Redemption fee: 0.3%

The redemption fee is charged on the amount of sUSD redeemed multiplied by the target leverage of the position.

TLX does not charge a minting fee.

All protocol fees are distributed to the staker contract. Protocol governance may alter the amount of fees charged as well as enable fee participation for stakers.


Users can unlock rebates by using a referral link. Rebates are calculated as a percentage of the redemption fee and can be claimed in the TLX rewards section.

Rebate: 50%

To learn more about the TLX referral program, please refer to the following section:

Referral Program

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